A downloadable game for Windows

Let us revisit the Tower Defense genre by making it a 1 vs 1 multiplayer game set in the hacking universe. Protect your PC's memory from the viruses and malware by buying anti-viruses and connecting them. But be careful, as you share the space with your opponent!

  • The game instructions are in French. So are the towers' descriptions.
  • Please keep in mind this is a prototype; there are bugs and silly stuff in it, it lacks polishing and tweaking.
  • Be careful with the tower called "Pop-up" (the smallest one), as it is know to make the game crash if too much of them are exploding.
  • Two controllers (Xbox for PC) are required to play.
  • English version of the controls is in the screenshots.

A game made with Anton Salikhov, Isabelle "Oriolie" Lallemand and Robin Peixoto.

Made on Unity.


FIR3WALL.zip 16 MB