A downloadable game for Windows

Jack's heart has recently been turned into a machine powered by adrenaline. To stay alive, he must put himself into dangerous situations, like... beating up yakuza, tough guys and old ladies in the streets!

  • Game text, although there is not much, is in French.
  • Game for Windows (.exe).
  • A controller (Xbox for PC) for is required to play. Use the mouse in the menus, move your character with the left stick, press A to jumb and B to attack.
  • I do not own the musics and sound effects used in the game. Music credits go to George E. Kouba, Jr. (BoomRunner) and The Prodigy (Smack My Beat Up).

Game made for an internal game jam at my school with Jerome Bretheau, Julie Martinez, Tim Guthmann and Victor Depardieu.

Made on Unity.


Jack attacks.zip 13 MB