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A quick prototype for a marble game I did in about a week to get familiar with Unreal Engine again.

Shoot your marble trough the level and try to hit all your opponent's . Yup, that's about it.

Controls are explained in-game. You only need a mouse.

I will probably not do anything more with it, but the 4 unpolished levels of the game show different kind of level types I would have gone for if I did a bigger game. I also planned on making an "exploration" level, but in the end I considered I had already spent enough time on this project.

Apologies for the ball sometimes jumping, looks like Unreal can't have perfectly flat grounds or I just didn't find how to correct this.


MarblePrototypeGameThing.zip 378 MB

Install instructions

Just download and unzip the file. Launch "MarbleProject.exe" to play the game.

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